Infant formulas are designed to meet babies’ nutritional requirements. It is an important food source that can be widely used to replace breastfeeding in situations where breastmilk is not an option. They need to be fortified with the right nutrients to ensure optimal growth, brain & eye development, development of a good immune & skeletal system.

Azingro offers essential ingredients adding nutritional value to infant formulation to help infants on their way to a long and healthy life. Our ingredients are of highest quality and safety.

Our nutritional team is dedicated to stay informed about latest market trends and innovations. We aim to support you with technical, nutritional service which will help you to create outstanding formulations.

The functional food & beverages industry is one of the fastest growing industries, since consumers have shown to be not only interested in tasteful, but also in healthy food products. Therefore, it is important to supplement food and/or beverages with ingredients that confer health benefits. These trends in food and drink consumption are a great opportunity for the manufacturer.

Azingro offers a range of functional food ingredients, each of which had advantages in different applications.

Sport & health nutrition products can be categorized as food, beverages or supplements. Azingro offers essential ingredients designed for sports nutrition to deliver health benefits during periods of high activities. Aside from sugars and proteins, active people do need the right ingredients to fuel their body. The brain consumes up to 20% of the body’s energy. Therefore, the brain needs energy during high performance through the consumption of the right ingredients.

Azingro’s portfolio of high quality, innovative ingredients are suitable to be included in all types of food supplements and nutraceuticals, including capsules, tablets, powders and liquids. Since there is an upcoming awareness of the importance of healthy lifestyle, the food supplement market is expected to reach a CAGR rate of 7.5% from 2017 to 2021*. Consumers are more and more focusing on preventing illnesses instead of curing them, which is an enormous drive for the food supplement industry.

Azingro’s team will always be there to help you to meet the requirements of your end-consumers.

We help our customers to focus on what they are best at: developing outstanding food supplement formulae products without a need to concern about the quality and availability of essential ingredients they require.

* BCC Research market report Nutraceuticals: Global Markets (2017-03)

Azingro’s range of high quality ingredients can be incorporated in different types of food, such as bakery, dairy, meat, confectionary, sauces, convenient food and beverages. Our technical and nutritional team aims to provide you with an excellent service.

The world’s pet food market continues to rise due to the increasing number of pet owners and the increasing concerns about the health of dogs and cats. Azingro offers a wide range of health ingredients, which gives nutritional value to pet food. Please feel free to contact us if you want more information. Our nutritional team will be happy to help you with technical service.

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