Azingro is very proud to produce Propimpex®, Calcium propionate food grade.

Calcium propionate is a widely used preservative for the use in bakery products, such as sliced bread, muffins, cakes and tortillas. If bakery products contain moisture, which is in case of sliced bread, cakes & others, it is very likely that mold growth will develop quickly. Calcium propionate works by inhibiting mold and bacterial growth, therefore it improves the shelf life of bakery products.


Propimpex, Calcium propionate food grade can be easily added into flour, at the start or at the end of the dough making. It is available in both powder and granular grade.

The recommended dosage of Calcium propionate varies on moisture content, pH and the desired shelf life.  For more information concerning the use and dosage of Propimpex, please contact us.

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